Monthly Archive: June 2017

Texana Thursday: Remembering Indianola

It’s been said of some towns that, if you’re not paying attention when you drive by, you’re going to miss it. This can be said of Indianola, which today is a ghost town situated on Matagorda Bay. Indianola sits approximately…
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Texana Thursday: A Son of Bum

Many professionals got their start by joining their father at work and learning the business. Wade Phillips can relate. Phillips is defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams. He is the son of the late O.A. (for Oail Andrew) “Bum”…
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Texana Thursday: A Tale of Two Statues

When one looks at the state Capitol building in Austin, there is of course much to see and admire. Perhaps the most striking feature is the Goddess of Liberty statue that sits atop the Capitol. Workers created the statue with…
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