Monthly Archive: January 2018

Texana Thursday: Popeye the Sailor, Texan

Comics fans know that Popeye the Sailor is strong to the finish because he eats his spinach. But what many people don’t know is that Popeye is from Victoria, Texas. Elzie Crisler Segar (1894-1938) was from Illinois, and he went…
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Texana Thursday: For Whom Is Dallas Named?

Many Texas cities are named in honor of someone. Austin, Houston, and Lubbock are three examples. For whom Dallas was named, however, isn’t so clear. One can make the case for any, perhaps all, of the following historical figures. Joseph…
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3 Tips for Organizing Your Writing Workspace

A new year brings new resolutions, such as these for organizing your writing workspace. 1. Master your clutter. When paper comes across your desk, you have one of four options: You can address the issue (for example, responding to a…
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